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6 June, 2024

Opposition to wind farming meet

Locals form committee

Opposition to wind farming meet - feature photo

by Aston Brown

Some Greymare residents are gearing up to fight off wind farm developments in their backyard with a committee now established to lead a campaign against renewable energy expansion in the region. 

About 40 people met at Greymare Hall on May 31, following a meeting two weeks prior in outrage over rumours that nearby farmers were considering hosting turbines on their land after being approached by multiple wind developers. 

Southern Downs MP James Lister attended the first meeting held by concerned residents on May 17 but was not present at the second meeting last week.

Eight people, including Michael Harbison, were nominated to sit on a committee opposing prospective wind farms nearby. Like the majority in attendance, Mr Harbison owns a small lifestyle block in the area that would not be suitable to host turbines. “We’ve been here for fifteen years, we’d like to keep it the way it is,” he told the meeting. 

Kristie Pocock was also elected to the committee. “I’m happy to stand up for the young families in our area, we don’t want it here, and I’m pretty good for an argument,” she told the crowd, and also said, “I’m not scared of anybody and I will not be bullied.” 

The Town and Country Journal understands confidential discussions between about 25 landowners and two to three wind developers are ongoing but that no contracts have been signed and there are currently no wind farms formally proposed.

According to some landowners that have been approached, who were not invited to either community meeting held at Greymare Hall, wind developers are considering carrying out wind testing for the next 1 to 2 years on some properties. If the area is then deemed suitable for a wind farm, it can take at least another five years of planning and approvals before construction starts. 

Two landowners approached by developers have told The Town and Country Journal any turbines potentially proposed for the area would be far away  from any residential buildings.

Rose Uwins and Lindy Bennett organised the meeting and said the group is gaining traction.

 “[MP] James [Lister] has been fantastic, he’s contacted us a lot since the last meeting,” Ms Uwins said at the meeting.

Ms Uwins, who moved to Greymare from Victoria, was nominated to the committee. “I saw the impact of wind farms down there,” she said. “I’m passionate about it and want to be involved.”


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